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There are 2 kinds of poetry on Instagram:

First, it is a social media with undoubted creativity as an ode to all things pretty & styled – from perfect outfits [#ootd, #fromwhereistand #instamodel] to mouthwatering breakfast bowls to travel pics that inspire wanderlust – it is not just a place to post cat pics [#catsofinstagram] or just food any more. I’m sure you’ve heard the new adjective which is “instagrammable“. 

perfect day at home


Our Dream Travel Destinations for 2018


It is nice to start January with a big dream for the year.

And after all you can’t have a serious bucket list or New Year’s resolutions without at least one travel goal, right?  It’s always nice to make plans even if you don’t end up doing all of them. And it’s so funny how we agreed on the destintations!   So, here I am giving you our top Dream Travel Destinations for 2018:


My Life Notes Planner (EN)


What is  My Life Notes Planner?

It is a weekly planner, or diary, or journal, whatever you would like to call it 🙂 It helps you organize your life, your thoughts and it helps you get your inspiration back with quotes from famous authors and the wise internet 🙂 \

How dit it all start? 

You know I love blogging, books, paper and that I am a creative person. And I totally love making lists 😉

I have been trying to find a planner for quite some time, to organize all those things that I didn’t want to include in my business agenda, like my TBR lists (endless), my blog post ideas, gift guides, listicles, travel advice, even shopping lists and menus! 


First days of autumn…


First days of autumn… Μπορεί οι μέρες για τα πρώτα ζεστά καφεδάκια να μην έφτασαν ακόμα όμως εμείς ήδη τις ονειρευόμαστε…Warm coffee days are not here yet but we are daydreaming of them…Χαζεύοντας τις αναμνήσεις του καλοκαιριού μας…Sorting out summer memories…κάνοντας σχέδια για το φθινόπωρο και το χειμώνα…making plans, because September is the new Januaryψάχνουμε το πιο κατάλληλο ημερολόγιο για να οργανώσουμε τη μετά-τις-διακοπές σκέψη μας…looking for new planners to organise our post holiday life και νιώθουμε ευγνωμοσύνη για τα μικρά πράγματα που είναι τελικά πολύ σημαντικά.and feeling grateful for the little things. Άλλωστε όπως λέει και ο αγαπητός ΣκοτAs dear…