Say it with a T-shirt: Logo mania


The humble T-shirt, the emblem of the 90’s is back along with the 90’s mania for logos and it takes you from runway to street style to smart outfits with a twist. From Maria Grazia Chiuri’s statement on Feminism (read all about the iconic T-shirt We should all be Feminists and Adichi’s speech and book here) to The Blonde Salad’s logo T-shirt, more and more designers are choosing bold statements engraved on T-shirts or just ordinary emblems [like McDonalds] in an ironic twist on fashion and mass consumerism.


This kind of irony has been an art trend [think Cambell soups], and art and fashion are much more connected now.

Millennials are a generation who is trying to find ways to express their disdain for mass culture not by opting out of it but by abandoning themselves to it entirely a kind of sarcasm or wink to mass production in fashion and design.

It doesn’t harm designers who want to reach a completely different audience and demographic that has little to do with luxury fashion.

 t-shirt mcdonalds

With my gal Anna from Via Dell’ Anna we did our own double take on Logomania and Colorblocking and you can see all about it below.




logo tees

Thank you Vasilis Ikoutas for the patience and the popping pictures & the girls at Bobbi Brown at Sephora Rhodes for the amazing make-up.

Photography: Ikoutas Vasilis

Make-Up Bobbi Brown at Sephora Rhodes

Nails: Fairy Nails Rhodes


Girl on caffeine


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