Today I’m daydreaming…

…about exotic travels and destinations!


exotic destinations

Bora Bora, Caribbean or French Polynesia?

exotic trips
Bora Bora photos by Sugar & Cloth

And feeling a little beach-y never hurt anyone 🙂

exotic trips

Even some Mediterranean vibes would be nice!

Although Thailand never fails to amaze!

exotic trips

Tell me, what is the most exotic trip you’ve ever been on?



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    1. Καλημέρα!!!! ευχαριστώ <3 Δεν είναι δική μου αυτή στην πισίνα αν και θα μπορούσε έχεις δίκιο!!!! Άρα πρέπει να κάνω ένα νεο ποστ με pool essentials τώρα 🙂 Φιλιά!

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