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If you have been dreaming of a winter getaway for some time no and chose Frankfurt for your short trip, congratulations! This is a city full of interesting things to do and see, 

easily accessible from most European airports, beautiful to walk, with many good places to visit nearby.

Especially if you have only a couple of days (or 24hours) Frankfurt is an ideal choice for a short European trip.


09:00 Breakfast

Have a nice breakfast at your hotel or look out for some of the city’s best breakfast and brunch spots. Café Karin is a quirky place with delicious omelettes, pancakes and all kinds of coffee. frankfurt coffee

10:00 Through the skyscrapers to the city

Make your way through the impressive skyscrapers, which give the city its nick-name: “Manhattan of Europe”. You can visit the Euro sign or one of the skyscrapers’ top floors which are open for visitors and marvel at the beautiful contrasts of the old and new city. Head over to Römer which is definitely one of the most beautiful and quaint European squares. 


12:00 Lunch at the Market 

Kleinmarkthalle is a covered market where you can find all kinds of fresh fruit, delicious wurst and cold cuts, cheese from all over the world and many stalls with ethnic food and Riesling wine or a beer.  

frankfurt old buildings

13:00 Shopping + Frankfurt from above

You can cross the city’s commercial centre, the Zeil and browse some of the big stores like Karstatt while making your way to one of the city’s hidden secrets, a Japanese garden in the middle of Germany. Make sure to check for opening hours as the park is not always open.

You can also visit the Galeria Zeil’s top floor cafe for a beautiful view over the city. frankfurt centre

17:00 Visit the Iron Bridge for sunset Pics

The Iron bridge of Frankfurt, or Eiserner Steg as it is known among locals is the oldest bridge of Main, the river which crosses Frankfurt and it is most famous for the inscription it bears in Greek (!), a phrase from Home’rs Odyssey


18:00 Beers at Sachsenhausen

Since you are on the bridge you can cross over and go to the other side of the city, Sachsenhausen, which has the older and more traditional houses as well as many pubs, of course! If you are hungry, pop-in at Atschel, for good quality German style food and drinks.

Head back to hotel for some rest and choose one of Frankfurt’s many restaurants for dinner: from German style pubs and taverns such as Klosterhof to high-end Japanese, African and Indian cuisine restaurants, Frankfurt offers many top quality choices just like a true metropolis.

frankfurt zentre

If you have more days: Visit one of the city’s many museums and galleries and look out for any interesting exhibitions:

Short trips to take from Frankfurt: Hochst Palast is a beautiful palace with gardens about 20 minutes from the city.

Heidelberg is also great for a short day trip as it is only 1hour away and has one of the most amazing castles in Europe. Highly recommended!

Have you ever been to Frankfurt? What did you think?





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