how to feel motivated

3 simple ways to feel motivated

Do you ever feel like you would like to do so much but you just can’t find the energy and/or the motivation? You read about people who achieved so much and think “How did he/she do it? I want to succeed, too!” but end up feeling defeated and un-inspired? Well, it all begins in the mind. You just have to start thinking like the success you want to be and get in the mood for doing stuff towards your goal. Here are my 3 simple tips to wake up your inner #girlboss (or just #boss), feel motivated and get going!

  • Look up to the people you admire and learn from them – what are they doing that you find amazing? They are taking care of their job, their career in various ways – do the same for yours! They might be basketball players, entrepreneurs or retail store owners – see what they are doing right and adapt it to YOUR business/career goal.
  • Listen to a motivational podcast or song or read a motivational story – it can be a TED talk of someone you admire, a Career Girl podcast or a Business Insider cover story – whatever makes your creative self spring to the surface and take action!
  • Plan wisely – set 1 big goal and then steps towards it. With the “You can do this” planner you will be able to see your whole week at a glance and pencil in appointments, posts and daily to-dos.
feel motivated

you can find the planner here

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