how to use a planner

6 ways to use a planner to organize your life and set the best goals

A life planner can help you get a hold on everything and will become a lifeline to keep everything you need to do in one handy place. All you need to do is use it to break every area of your life in manageable chunks.

Let’s see how to use a planner to make everything in your life seem (and actually be) more manageable!

1. Set one big goal for the week

This means you’ll be motivated every day and have something to look forward to. how to use a planner

2. Find a blank space

and write down everything you can think of that you have to do. No order, just thoughts. It helps get all the pressure our of your head and onto paper. 

3. Set specific steps to reach your weekly goal

Once you’ve got all your to-dos written down, it’s important to create an action plan for this. Figure out how you’re actually going to achieve your goal and what are the first issues you need to take care of.

4. Get your personal life together

You can write down your meals, expenses, shopping list. You can also make a note of appointments, treats, and rewards you deserve after working so hard. how to use a planner

5. Organise your life in sections

Don’t confuse your free time with your work schedule but organise your goals individually:  Find your fitness goals and break them down in doable steps, identify your work plans and write all about them in a separate space, note healthy recipes to help get you back on track etc.

6. Don’t try to do everything at once

Choose 1-2 key goals per week  (etc. lose 2 pounds, stick to a gym routine) and then add more one by one as time goes by. For example, once you have started going to the gym regurarly, add some healthy recipes to your diet or after you have succeeded in waking up earlier, try walking to work etc. how to use a planner

DO not forget to allocate the time and specific steps to each (eg. buy salad to have for dinners, set 2 days a week with fixed time for gym).

Any tips you have ? How do you use your planners?

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