5 books to take you through this fall


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You know I am a serious (and serial) bookaddict… As my TBR pile gets higher and higher, I can’t stop buying new books and I definitely can’t resist when one of my favorite authors publishes a new installment in the series i’ve been binging or when I discover new talents.

So here are some books that are definitely worth checking out this fall:

  1. Kazuo Isiguro, Remains of the Day – a major favorite and also a great movie. Now that Isiguro won the Nobel Prize for Literature, interest for his work has sparked up and I’m sure you’ll encounter a debate if Haruki Murakami was more worthy of the prize, so make sure you know your authors. 😉 Check also out Never let me go, which was a deeply moving book but don’t watch its movie, it was just bland and strange. kazuo-ishiguro
  2. Camilla Läckberg, The Witch. The tenth installment in the Erica  mysteries, it takes us back to Fjellbacka to discover long lost secrets and hidden mysteries. camilla lackberg
  3. My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry, Fredrick Backman. The book everyone is talking about this fall, from the author of the New York Times bestseller A Man called Ove. A heartbreaking but tender novel about a seven year old girl and her grandmother. 

  4. Stephen King, It. Now that the motion picture is out, it is time to remember the dread – or to feel it for the first time. If you are brave enough, that is, I know I am not! king it
  5. Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale. If you haven’t read it, or seen the series, it’s not too late. This 1985 dystopian novel has been so successful this summer that another Atwood book is coming to the screen, Alias Grace. handmaids-tale

5+1: Even if you are late to the party you can definitely sit with us! We love Jo Nesbo and now that the Snowman is coming to movie theatres, there is no more time to lose.

snowman nesbo

What are you reading this fall?

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