5 easy steps to make the best home made cappuccino ever


Hello my dear readers!

I know it has been one whole week since my last article and even though I try to post every Monday and Friday, this week was so busy that I didn’t have the time to do the thorough research I want all my articles to be based on!

But… I am sure you will forgive me because today I am sharing with you:

The best and easiest home made cappuccino recipe!

Home made cappucino
It is seriously the only recipe you will ever need to make perfect cappuccino at home.

Are you ready for this silky cream foam with velvet coffee flavour madness?

Follow these 5 easy steps below:

What you’ll need:

  • Espresso maker
  • Very good quality espresso
  • Milk (whole is better for a creamier texture and because it is easier to froth)
  • Aaand… the secret weapon for perfect foam: a French press – I’m sure you all have one of those somewhere deep in your cupboards.
  1. Warm up your machine & get the capsule or ground coffee ready
  2. Heat up some milk (take care to not let it boil)
  3. Put the warm milk in the French press and pull the plunger upwards and downwards with quick movements – this will create the foam. With a spoon remove the big bubbles from the top of your foam.
  4. At the same time start the coffeemaker (I’m doing this because I don’t want my coffee to get cold while I’m making the foam).
  5. Add your sugar if you’re having it and slowly add the milk foam.

Your velvet home made cappuccino is ready!!

Ps. There are many YouTube videos where you can learn how to make these cute shapes on the foam, search for “cappuccino foam art” or “latte art” and you’ll get many results.

So what do you think? Are you going to try it?✌😅☕💟

Girl on caffeine


  1. Athina

    Έχω σχέση πάθους με το Aeroccino μου (το οποίο κάνει και κρύο αφρό για freddo) χρόνια τώρα—χωρίς να έχω μηχανή Nespresso. Είναι το χρησιμότερο gadget που έχω πάρει ποτέ για την κουζίνα μου, αν και το κόλπο με τη Γαλλική πρέσα είναι σούπερ, δεν το συζητώ! Άντε να κρυώσει λιγάκι ακόμα ο καιρός να χουχουλιάσουμε επιτέλους…

    20 . Oct . 2017
  2. Girl on caffeine

    Καλά δεν το συζητώ είναι τέλειο το Aeroccino!!! Έχω όμως χαλάσει ήδη δύο και επειδή πλέον δεν πίνω τόσο γάλα , το hack με την πρέσα του γαλλικού με έχει σώσει!

    21 . Oct . 2017

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