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NEW things to try

The Life-Changing Power of Trying Something New: Why Embracing Fresh Experiences is Key

Do you sometimes feel like you lack motivation? I know I often do. According to science this can be to lack of challenging circumstances for you, or you are feeling too comfortable in what you are doing or you have lost (or never had any) interest in what your job/hobby is about. However, the power to change those feelings is inside you and you can do this simply by trying something new— something different and interesting. 

new things to try

Therefore here is my list with 6 new things to try this week to help you feel motivated, energized, happy, or just entertained!

  1. Explore a neighborhood in your area
  2. Try a new activity – if you are not sure where to look, search for Airbnb Experiences around your area. (goat milking, anyone?)
  3. Cook something different – a meal you would normally take-out, a fancy cake, anything that will make you feel focused, motivated and leave you with a satisfied sense of accomplishment. See some tips here : Υγιεινές Διατροφικές Συνήθειες που αξίζει να υιοθετήσεις
  4. Shop at the local food market – feel the textures, smell the aromas, see the colors – it can be such an invigorating experience and so different than shopping at a big super market.
  5. Take a new class – yoga, a 1,5-hour seminar, something you would happily sit and watch and will make you think, feel or get inspired, not something you anyway find boring and tend to avoid (accounting for example, if you are like me).
  6. Plant a garden—even a patio planter garden – go yo your local garden store and pick up a few nice plants, some soil and planters and spend a day out in your balcony or garden thinking about -well, dirt!

What do you think? Will you try any of the above? I definitely will! Stay tuned to see which one (or two) new things to try I chose and drop me a line here or on Instagram to tell me what you did!

Did you know that some hardware stores like Praktiker hold workshops on weekends with practical and fun activities like pot painting, frame making and more? Check out your local store for more!

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