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dreams don't work unless you do

Even if you don’t like this month (January blues, anyone?) I’m sure you will agree it is a nice time for plans, new beginnings, goal setting and resolutions. 

Here are 7 things you can plan for and which will help you stay calm and focused throughout the year 🙂

7 things to do for a successful new year

  1. Set key goals for your year, like big central ones, eg. save a certain amount, buy a new car, be happier at work, do something for charity etc. Be specific about your goals and focus in 1-2 areas/things so that you can always be aware of where you are regarding their fulfilment. things to do in january
  2. Define actual steps to achieve these goals. Sometimes the big goals sound scary and un-doable. If, however you focus on the specific steps towards them, it is easier to stay motivated and happy of your progress. Eg. if you want to make a big trip this year, start repaying your credit card or find a side hustle which will bring in more income, etc. dreams don't work unless you do
  3. Put the smaller goals in your planner! It is easier to run if you can see the fιnishing line and these notes will act as reminders of both your goal and the means 😉  
  4. Think back and take some time to find what didn’t work so well in the past year. If your goal is financial, look where your money was spent most. Can you cut some spending there? If you were quite withdrawn and your goal this year is to be more socially active, see what opportunities to socialise you refused and see how you could change some habits in the new year. reflection
  5. Picture one person you admire and study their moves. It can be a girlboss entrepreneur, a businessman, a charity figure, an athlete. Whatever your model, try to find specific things they did to succeed and add these in your life.  You can do it! girlboss quotes
  6. Network. In life and in business, it is usually who you know that matters. And I’m not talking about using people to climb the social or career ladder – talking to people from other disciplines than yours, with different interests and daily tasks can work wonders for your creativity and inspiration. Be curious, ask them about their jobs and interests, show you care and they will maybe advise or inspire you in fields you have no expertise in. Having a tight circle of contacts in various areas makes for good team work and can sometimes prove helpful in surprising ways!  motivation quotes
  7. Get up earlier than you used to last year. You can read my article about how I started waking up 2 hours earlier and what happened and if you are still not convinced read some of the interesting surveys about how sucessful people are almost always early risers 😉 things to do in january


You know what one of my goals for this year is? To make this blog exlode with beautiful content, insightful articles and amazing comments from my readers, taking them to beautiful journeys of self-improvement, book lovers’ rants, actual trips around the world, stylistic moments, home improvement ideas and more! Are you ready?


What will you be doing to make this your best year so far? Tell me your goals and your steps to achieve them in the comments!

Have a great week everyone!



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