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6 things to make you feel better when you are down #likeagirlboss

How can you feel better with a few easy tricks 🙂

Eat good, feel good! 

It doesn’t matter if you are feeling down, lonely or neglected. There is always someone to take good care of you: YOU! Don’t forget to show yourself the love you deserve and try to make healthy food your comfort food – junk will only bring you guilt and throw you in a vicious circle of self-pity. 

You can try this  smoothie recipe or a delicious pink lemonade (when strawberries are available)

feel better

Surround yourself with beautiful images and print out an inspirational quote or picture

Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration! Find clothes and outfits that you’d like to try, gym motivation, beautiful travel destinations. Their feelgood vibes will  rub on you and make you feel better and full of energy to try new things  🙂 Follow some inspiring people and visualize your happy self!

Get your hands dirty – Make  dessert 

Now, I’m not very good at patisserie, actually i’m not good at all. But I like trying new things and I find the process very calming. I usually do a fresh strawberry cheesecake, these red velvet cookies or these delicious (and healthy) cereal bars. 

Put your apron on and dive right in!

feel better

Go for a swim

If you are lucky enough to live close to the sea (or a swimming pool), a dive in the deep is one of the best things to make you feel invigorated and happy. The sea will calm you and help you reconnect with yourself 

feel better

Do your hair

Is there a better way to feel beautiful, happy and alive than a fresh blow dry? Well, you might be able to think of some but still, a nice hairdo is always a mood lifter and makes you feel better whenever you are down.  

new hairstyle

Buy a lottery ticket

For a  fantastically cheap method of creating endless false hopes. But you never know, do you?

feel better

That’s it from me! How do you help yourself feel better when you are down? I’d love to know new tricks!






  • Άιναφετς

    Και αφού “κάνουμε” αυτά που προτείνεις, προσθέτω και ένα videaki που προσωπικά βρίσκω εξαιρετικό! 😛
    ΑΦιλάκια πολλά πολλά και να έχουμε ένα όμορφο αποκαλόκαιρο! 🙂

    • Girl on caffeine

      xexe δεν πειράζει Αινάφετς μου, είναι τόσο όμορφο που αξίζει να είναι μεγάλο!! !Καλό αποκαλόκαιρο με πολλή θετική ενέργεια!!!

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