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diy pinterest wedding

Have I mentioned that we got married this summer in a very closed-circle town hall ceremony? Well, we did!!!

And here’s how me, my friends and my mom decorated the wedding reception on a lovely sea-side location, as captured by my fairygodmother photographer, Sofia Petridena!

I designed in Canva and printed cards to be tied with the table napkins. The place-cards were completely DIY: I did the “calligraphy” myself and glued lace and rose ribbon for some colour and texture.

I also printed out activity cards for the children and ordered disposable cameras for them to play with until dinner. The light was perfect and they took some very funny (and even artistic) pics! And the most important, they had fun!

My sweet-fingered friend also helped me tie wish bracelets which I gave to all my girl guests (we were more than the boys)

My mom took over florist duties and did an amazing job with the centerpieces and decorative details. When dinner was served and the waiter asked if he should remove the flowers of course we said “NO!” 😉

The location couldn’t be more perfect, on a sea-side restaurant which exceeded our expectations and helped us have an amazing time with our friends and family. Everyone was happy and it was such a stress-free event I totally recommend such a small gathering. Stay tuned for the religious wedding, though, which will definitely be grander, busier and… stressier (if that’s a word!).

Happy weekend my friends!



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