British crime series you won’t feel guilty for binging on Netflix


With crime writing being my favorite comfort read, I have lately been neglecting my beloved Kindle… for crime series on Netflix. Blame it on the long hours in front of the PC – in the end of the day sometimes is easier to be served something in front of your screen than making your poor eyes read. And also, when watching something you can still think of other things, or… nothing, while that’s impossible when reading a book [a good book, that is]. And I won’t lie to you – as much as I love reading in my quiet little nook or bed, it’s so much nicer to watch things in good company 🙂

Let’s see then some British Netflix Crime series you won’t feel guilty binge watching 😉

Luther – A passionate detective and a cold-blooded killer in a very unlikely relationship.

british crime series

Broadchurch – if you like the Shetland mysteries and Vera Stanhope style enquiries you will love this one.

british crime series


Like reading a detective book series, each episode has a different case and the characters develop with the plot . The AMAZING photography and beautiful haunting atmosphere will make you want to book your tickets to Wales immediately!

Retribution – with a somewhat baffling ending, this is not a classic whodunnint but more of a “whydunnit”.

βρετανικές σειρές

The Fall – Gillian Anderson + Belfast + a serial killer sounds like a good time, right? And oh, these accents! And I can imagine Anderson like Frieda Klein…

Sherlock – love it till you hate it.

british crime series

Even though it is technically an American-British co-production, you can’t deny Sherlock is as British as they make them.

Marcella – Detective Marcella comes back to action after her divorce and tries to find a serial killer who could be the same she was investigating 12 years ago when she was still in the force.

netflix series


And one I didn’t like: Vexed

If you get past of the first episode, where the 2 detectives discuss the deceased’s home decor and end up leasing their apartment, maybe you will like it. I didn’t.

british crime series



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