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It is nice to start January with a big dream for the year.

And after all you can’t have a serious bucket list or New Year’s resolutions without at least one travel goal, right?  It’s always nice to make plans even if you don’t end up doing all of them. And it’s so funny how we agreed on the destintations!   So, here I am giving you our top Dream Travel Destinations for 2018:

New York City. I have never been to America, north or south and NY is top on my list! From Woody Allen’s Manhattan to Sex and the City to #Girls, and of course a Nicks game NYC is a place I would love to see. I want to walk on all the famous places like Central Park, 5th Avenue and the brownstones of West Village and discover hidden getaways of the real NYorkers! Cheers to that!   



South Africa & Zimbabwe. From Victoria Falls to Cape Town this is a really unique and amazing trip even for people who never go to the same place twice 🙂 

dream travel destinations

dream travel destinations


Scotland, the Highlands and whiskey distilleries. Even though we rarely drink whiskey, there is something in the wild beauty of Scotland that is really alluring. And I have heard that Edingburgh and Glascow are really picturesque cities.


dream travel destinations


Tuscany and the Italian province for a road trip – and wine tasting of course. Now, wine we do drink and in fact we would love to learn how to make and appreciate it more so this trip would combine my love for road trips, seeing some breathtaking views and getting some experience in wine tasting -ehmm, making! 


Santorini! Every blogger on the planet (on Instagram definitely) has been to Santorini and while there are many more equally beautiful (and not as crowded) islands in the Cyclades and Dodecanese island complexes, I think Santorini is really unique and different. And romantic, too! So maybe this will be the year we get to go to Santorini <3


dream travel destinations

These were our most dreamed of destinations for the next year or couple of years, something to look forward to, that makes long days at work worth it 🙂 How about you? What are YOUR dream destinations – have you already been to some?

Scotland pics: The Londoner


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