Gift wrapping ideas your friends will love…

…almost as much as the gift itself 🙂

Have you done your holiday shopping list yet? You will find a lot of useful and nice ideas in the various gift guides most blogs offer this time of the year – check out my 5 top gift ideas here 😉

What I’d like to show you in this post is how to put that extra personal touch to your gift and make your friends go from “Great” to “Wow!” 🙂

How? By the perfect (preferably handmade/diy) gift wrapping, of course!

It is a touching detail which makes even a Zara gift card seem more personal and shows that even if the person didn’t really know what to get, they took the time to wrap it beautifully or personalise a card for the recipient.

Let’s see some gift wrapping ideas that will make your gifts awesome in no time!

For book lovers:

The elegant:

Black and white (and gold):

 gift wrapping

Simple (but awesome) printable tags:

The extravagant:

If you want to go into (more) trouble

The natural:


I have already chosen how I’ll wrap mine! Can you guess which one???

Do you personalize your gifts with diy wrapping or tags or do you prefer the store packaging?

Have a great month my friends, with lots of gratitude for the little things and the people around us!

What do you think?

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