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Goodbye August


Despite having some of the shittiest things happen to me this August I’m still up and running and rocking some serious butt (excuse my French).

cool office

My favorite things this month were serious amounts of coffee

get shit done

Reading (in bed, on the beach, at the balcony)

reading in bed

Making new plans for my biz and life

do what you love

And I’m writing this stuff to remind me (and you) that you should never never let anyone dull your sparkle 🙂

sparkle trail

Oh and here’s some yummy donuts for you because you are so good <3

breakfast of champions

Have a fab weekend!!!

Girl on caffeine


  1. cherrybookish

    Hello lovely!

    I am sorry shitty things have happened to you. You are amazing. Have a lovely weekend.


    25 . Aug . 2016
    • metaphrasi

      Τhank you honey! It really means a lot <3 I think it will all work out for the best though 😉 You are awesome! Have a great day!!!!

      25 . Aug . 2016
      • cherrybookish


        25 . Aug . 2016
  2. MichaelK

    Don’t worry dear, I am happy everything’s going to be OK, life is full of struggle for most of us but don’t let it tarnish you.

    25 . Aug . 2016
    • metaphrasi

      Thank you so much for your positive thinking Mike!!!

      25 . Aug . 2016
      • MichaelK

        My only regret is that I am too far away to comfort you over a cup of tea.

        25 . Aug . 2016
  3. jointhebookside

    August is always bad but dont worry september will be better ♡

    25 . Aug . 2016
    • metaphrasi

      Thank you for your good vibes Ioanna mou!!!!!!!!!

      25 . Aug . 2016

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