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How To Celebrate Autumn with Your Best friends

We might not celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving in Greece, but we do love autumn and for me, especially before we had our baby, and had more time, every season change is an opportunity for celebration with friends.

So let’s call your best friends, and celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of autumn… there are so many little reasons to be happy and family, friends, and the beauty of nature are some of them!

You can have a pic-nic, since the weather is still so good!

image via @stylemepretty

This image below is from our photoshoot with Anna by Sofia Petridena, check out more here!

You can order some fall-themed cookies and invite your friends to tea #yummy

You can decorate your space with fall aesthetic :

And of course… add some pumpkins to the mix! But don’t be fooled like me and buy watermelons instead! 😉

How are you celebrating fall?

What do you think?

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