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If you love office supplies and beautiful stationery as much as I do, I am sure you are already looking for (if you haven’t already found) the most beautiful and stylish items to add to your desk for a productive and inspiring New Year!

You don’t have to spend a fortune though. Here are some items that will instantly upgrade your office style (and mood) without breaking the bank.

A planner

The best way to start your day motivated and with a smile on your face is seeing your inspirational planner as soon as you walk in your office. Using the Island Diaries Planner you can plan your week, set goals for your day and keep notes for every important thing in your daily life.

It’s almost ready!!! It will be available within the next few days!!!

You can pre-order at now or mail us for info, prices and shipping!

A set of stylish notecards

For your memos, for sending Thank You notes, for scribbling down that crazy idea you had while reading Island Diaries 🙂 Good quality paper is an investment for office style that really sets the tone for your work and shows you value your clients (and yourself).

Your own #boss mug

No need to say much about this really! You can find many affordable choices in online marketplaces such as Etsy, Zazzle or VistaPrint or look for unique designs on Anthropologie, Not On the High Street and even chains like H&M home or Tiger.


Nothing like a bouquet of flowers to brighten up your day, even if you are the only one who sees your desk. But also, if your business includes welcoming clients, having flowers on your desk instantly sets the mood for a pleasant meeting.

A stylish stapler

Whatever you do, do it with style!

A water bottle

Because what is the next most important thing after coffee? Water, of course. A nice eco-friendly water bottle is better than plastic and you can find them everywhere, from dollar stores to big brands such as Nike, Superdry, S’well and Klean Canteen. Think self care meets street style meets classy girl boss.

Read more about the fancy water bottle trend here.

What are your desk essentials for a productive and inspired day?




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