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Life Update & Where are You


Hey you my dear readers, it’s been a while don’t you think? I’m just trying to juggle life with 2 kiddos, work and personal life (sometimes successfully, others not so). How are you? Let me know what’s new with you I missed you all so much!

Here are some snapshots of our daily routine and some pinterest inspo 🙂

Me trying to cook with Estel

mom cooking

Our little pumkin turned 9 months old recently

Wondering if I have the time to enroll on an online translation workshop – am I being too optimistic? But I’d like so much to do it!

online cpd

We are also planning G’s baptism so there’s a lot of stress and extra work for me – but you know I love organizing events!



and trying to remain sane, I still do my favorite mood boards

what I regret most though, is that I do not have much (or, like, a all) time for reading books 🙁 How will I get back to my favorite reading routine??? Any tips?

so, tell me, what has been up with YOU all?



Girl on caffeine

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