Why I love road trips


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Because road trips are fun! Add only good company (no grumps, please!), good weather and good energy!

Because they are flexible: You can adjust the time of departure and arrival and you don’t have to worry about delays – only if you want to catch that delicious rustic breakfast or the sun rising.

Because they are adventurous: you might discover a place you didn’t know or visit an area you hadn’t planned and even a flat tire can be a chance for bonding (just make sure to google “how to change a flat tire” before you set off).

Bridge in northern Greece – a place I absolutely adore!

Because they are easy – if you live on flat land you can just take your car, your best friends or bf/gf and set off for a day road trip or even longer. No reservations, flight schedules, airport delays etc. Just tolls 😉

Because they are not very expensive – if you take your own car you only pay for gas (which you usually split with others) and car snacks 🙂 Oh, for accommodation, too, I knew I was forgetting something!

Because you can put your own music on – and fight with your friends about bands you have never heard of while singing out loud all The Smiths lyrics and discover cult local radio stations 🙂

road trips music

Because they bring out your best outdoorsy style: from comfy to cool, a road trip is a great test for your wardrobe (and packing talents).

Because they make you feel free & independent: of flights, hotels, trains and baggage allowance! Your car is your universe for the trip, your own safe haven and portable paradise.

Because they are romantic! Nothing like sipping hot chocolate or a good local red wine in front the fireplace after a long day’s drive.

Because they make you think: I don’t know why but being on the road esp. on a road trip always makes me think about my life, my choices, my plans for the future.

Village Kalarytes in northern Greece (Tzoumerka mountains)

Do you like road trips or prefer the feeling of being taken somewhere by plane/boat? Tell me in the comments – I love hearing your thoughts 🙂

road trip
Thessaloniki view from Panorama


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