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Online Courses

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Education, Continuing Professional Development and training are closer than ever, as close as our computer or phone screens, to be precise. 

As CPD is becoming even more necessary and technology is always one step forward, the need for even more skills is more evident than ever, capacities that we will use in our professional life, our personal affairs or our hobbies, i.e learning code for our blogs, improving our productivity at work, decluttering techniques for our home or little gardening tips. And there is an online class for all of these things.

They start at short, a few minutes long (like tutorials) and they might last even for weeks or months. Some require your presence in a forum, watching a video (webinars) or are self-paced and use e-mailed material.

Let’s see some of the most popular Online Courses providers:


Skillshare functions on a membership basis – the user buys a Premium Membership,  which includes limitless access to a huge list of premium online classes, which are also available for offline use via their phone app.

Some of the most popular courses on this platform are Modern Marketing by Seth Godin, the marketing guru, as well as practical tips like Getting Started with Email Marketing taught by Mailchimp’s Product Marketing Manager.

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With providers like John Hopkins University and Stanford,  Coursera is one of the most powerful players in the online courses game. They offer courses in subjects from applied science to history of art, algorithms and cryptography, negotiation techniques, personal finance management, introduction to psychology and more.

Coursera offers classes enriched with quizzes, video and projects and also issues a certificate of attendance.




10 million users can’t be wrong so make sure to check out this site, too, when looking for the ideal class for you. They separate their courses in the classic category way but also offer useful classifications such as Trending, Most Popular, Most Certified to help you stay up-to-date with current trends.

They also issue a Diploma & Certificate of studies, for a fee, but you can also complete the courses for free, if you don’t need the certification.


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Open university

Their motto is Get inspired and learn something new today, and therefore Open University will offer you from documentaries, short videos, tv programms and many professional or personal development classes, all of them free. One of the most popular and multi-award winning platforms.

open university


With course titles such as Be your Own Boss, How to Land an Exciting Tech Job, Invest in your Passion, Indulge in your Curiosity, this platform is targeting millennials and  modern entrepreneurship, in which talents and interests define the choice of jobs.

Courses may be bought individually, in very reasonable prices and you can also get an attendance certificate.

There are many more online course providers even by acclaimed universities such as Harvard, for example. The only thing you have to invest is time!

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Would you attend an online course and if yes, would you use it for your personal or professional development? I have bookmarked so many courses to check out. I think the first one should be on time management, though 🙂

Take care!



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read the article in Greek

Online Courses

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