Privacy is the new luxury – the other side of Faliraki


You have probably heard of Faliraki as one of the busiest (and most saturated) areas of Rhodes, with its crowds of tourists and doubtful quality drinks. The famous foam (and various other shady types of) parties of the ’90s clearly are (mainly but not exclusively) responsible for this.

Masses of tourists looking for cheap vacation swarm to this heavenly destination and along with the business-owners’ blind eye, turned it into a place where alcohol was cheap and so was everything else.

Thankfully, not any more.

Things are starting to change and quality tourism is once again returning to Faliraki, not only for its undoubted and unparalleled natural charm – the beach is one of the longest, safest and most beautiful on the island- but also because of the obvious upgrade in accommodation facilities and hospitality standards. 

People who had visited and loved Rhodes in the past are returning to Faliraki after deserting it for more than two decades when crazy parties fed its bad reputation. Dining, accommodation and entertainment have moved to the next level, catering for the most demanding and refined visitors.

Last weekend we had the amazing opportunity to be the first who dived in the amazing crystal clear pools of the renovated Alexander Suites Faliraki.


summer weekend

Located just off the center of Faliraki, very close to the beach, these petite double apartments feature a private pool each as well as a larger common pool for relaxation and a little bit of socialising 🙂

Nothing like the basic rooms you could rent for some years ago, these exclusive new suites reflect the aura of change that is starting to blow in the area, brought over by the new generation of hotel business owners.

Here less is more

And privacy is now the new luxury…

This new accommodation trend works for trendy romantic couples as well as busy new style entrepreneurs or #workfromanywhere millenials who live off their phone.

Here inspiration strikes all through the day and the corporate world flows easily through your fingers under the soft Greek sunlight. 

faliraki suites

Here the 4 hour workweek seems more desirable than ever and the dreams for a new you come closer with every breath of fragrant Greek summer sun you take.

privacy is luxury


So what do you think? Are you ready to leave your prejudices behind and give another chance to this wonderful destination? I know I am 🙂


Photos: Emmanouela Papagrigoriou. <3

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