free printable planners

Free printable planners to organize your life

September is the new January…

…ever since our school days – not so long ago, were they? 😉

Back to School has turned to Back to the Office, Back to the City or just Back to black. Whatever the season, if you are looking for some seriously good habits to take on after a long, short or no break, in order to boost your confidence, creativity and well-being stay tuned to read all about them in my next article.

But in today’s post, I have something you need, too!

5 yummy free printable planners

in order to organize your whole life. Just download and print them as many times you want, stick them on your fridge or your notebook 🙂

The planners:

Your everyday to dos and priorities:

daily planners

Download the Daily Planner 

Your monthly schedule and appointments:

september calendarDownload the September Planner Island Diaries

Your expenses and balance:

expenses trackerDownload the Montly Expenses Island Diaries

Your career and business goals – ideal for #girlbosses and biz ladies:

career plannersDownload the Career Goals Planner

Your blog posts and ideas, everything that inspired you during your summer holidays:

blog plannersDownload the Blog post planner Island Diaries

I experimented with various styles and some are more girly than others so please do leave me a comment with your favorite or suggestions/requests for more planners.

Did you like them? Find some more in my translation blog and stay tuned for more surprise paper goodies! I really can’t say more but I’m sure you’ll love them!!!

I just LOVE journals, stationery and paper goodies! What about you? Do you like planning and jotting down thoughts and lists of things to do? I think half of the joy is in the making of the list and the other half in ticking off items 😉




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