The fairytale alleys of Halki


Halki is a tiny island just off the west coast of Rhodes. Accessible by boat via Rhodes main port or from the small port of Kamiros, on the NW side of the island, it is a hidden jewel in the Dodecanese cluster of islands.

The settlement is small but so pretty! Whitewashed yards, traditional Dodecanese style colorful houses, vibrant bougainvilleas, like a scene from a movie, or, even, a fairy tale.

halki windows

halki greece


halki deserted house

As you walk in the tiny settlement, the sea peeks out from between the houses, taking your breath away…halki greece


halki greece

Every corner in Halki is an artist’s dream.

Halki Dodecanese

halki port


And oh, when you open the window to this view, in the morning or after a long day at the beach, words cannot describe the feeling.

Halki port

halki sailing

wine veranda

Thank you Aegean View Villas for the warm hospitality!

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Girl on caffeine


  1. Eleanna

    Halki is so beautiful! I think our most beautiful islands are the lesser known ones, don’t you agree?

    28 . Jul . 2017
    • Girl on caffeine

      Totally!!!! They are like small hidden treasures! Next time you come we’ll visit Halki or Symi!

      28 . Jul . 2017
      • Eleanna

        We sure will! xoxo

        28 . Jul . 2017
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    22 . Aug . 2017

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