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Wedding Cakes – the 5 best types!

Of all the wedding preparations, wedding cakes tasting is the best!

There are so many types of wedding cakes, each of them delicious!!! Which is your favorite and which one do you think we should have for our wedding?

#1 Naked cake

wedding cakes

#2 Drip Cake

#3 Traditional Cake

#4 Upside Down cake

#5 Creative

And here is a wedding cake glossary from Love and Lavender if you are lost in icing 🙂

Wedding Cake Glossary

Applique – A sugar paste this is rolled out into a design and applied to fondant icing.

Beading – Beading is small pearl shapes that are piped around the edge of a cake.

Cornelli – A form of pipping that has no clear pattern, but creates a squiggly or lace effect.

Crystallized Flowers – Also known as sugar or candied flowers. Crystallized flowers are actual real edible flowers that are covered in sugar to retain their colorful appearance.

Dragée – Dragée are a colorful form of confectionery with a hard outer shell used for decorating. Examples would be silver coated balls or jordan almonds.

Draping – A mixture of gum paste and fondant is used to drape over a fondant covered cake with the effect of fabric.

Ganache – A mixture of cream and dark chocolate used as filling or icing.

Genoise – A classic French sponge cake that is much dryer than North American sponge cake and typically has layers of fruit filling soaked in liquor.

Gum Paste – A mixture of gelatin and sugar, it is used to create intricate shapes like fruits, seashells, figures and flowers.

Layer – Process where the cake is split and filled with either fruit or icing. Do not confuse this with tier.

Petal Dust – The cake designer will use this decorating dust with an artists brush to add color to icing or gum paste.

Pipping – Icing is used to create 3D designs on a cake by using a pipping bag. There are different types of pipping tips to achieve different looks.

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