How to spend the perfect day-off surfing

Last week was the finishing line for a lot of my deadlines. I had some truly interesting projects (think a book, a free press, a contract etc.) which, however, happened to coincide with a conference I wanted to attend. I managed to finish them all in time (huge sigh) but that left me on the verge of a stress breakdown so I decided to take a proper day off

I have found that working as a freelancer sometimes means you go extra hard on yourself and even so-called “free” time is spent thinking about work. 

Therefore I needed a relaxing, fun and exciting adventure for my day off, otherwise I knew that I would spent it at home obsessing about things to be done on Monday 😉 And I found that all in a surfing lesson with my favorite blogger Anna from Via Dell’ Anna. 

We went to one of the best surf places in Rhodes, Surfer’s Paradise and had an amazing time learning stuff about windsurfing, stand-up paddling, jet skiing, and we even tried some surf ourselves.

And we took some pictures with our matching swimwear of course 🙂


hip teez


surf board



Rhodes has often been called a surfer’s paradise. People come  from all over the world to surf here as the wind is very good and there are many experienced schools for beginners as well as devoted surfers.

Surfing is an activity we usually admire but rarely try – trust me, it is a totally invigorating experience that makes you feel alive and happy – add the fact that it is exercise without you realising and you have the perfect summer sport

And it also makes you forget to look at your phone 😉

Thank you Surfer’s Paradise for an amazing day!

Swimsuits: Shiwi, Hip & Secret Exclusive 

Photographer : Neil Richard Howe

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    1. Ανθή μου!!! Τι σχεδια εχεις για το καλοκαίρι? Θα πατε στο χωριο? Εχεις βρει κανενα ωραιο βιβλιαρακι? Πολλα φιλια!

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